Mga Kanato

Xiamen Beatles Building Material Co.,Ltd, we are one of leading companies for synthetic thatch, synthetic ceiling mat, synthetic bamboo, artificial fiber fence, etc in China. They are 100% simulation by synthetic resin. Some of them can be fireproof and waterproof. We always develop new models according to our customers’ requirements. Compared the regular market’s quality standard, our products’ quality performance is more stable, as we have more precise resin ratio, more sufficient time for resin mixing, using genuine resin material and additives, so our product would have avoid quality problem, like color fade, fragile, short lifespan, not stable fireproof performance, etc. Welcome your inquiry to us. 

Mga produkto

Synthetic Palm Thatch Roof Tile for landscape
Manufacturers sa Pulahog tigsanta pawod Atop alang sa Amusement Parks Dayandayan
Kasaligang Quality Dili Masunog Artificial thatch Atop alang sa maanindot nga Spot
Double-atubang plastik nga PP koral alang sa resort hotel patyo dekorasyon
Lig artficial fiber koral alang sa hotel sa sulud screening ug sa gawas fencing
Artipisyal nga Artipisyal nga thatch Reed atopan Beach Balkonahe Hut Payong
Artipisyal nga kawayan sticks alang sa imong tanaman fencing, atop panel, screening proyekto
Pagtukod sa imong Daghag Gamit nga proyekto resort hotel uban sa bug-os nga ug ang katunga round peke bamboo sticks
Artipisyal Bamboo Border gipilde gikan sa China alang sa Fencing
Lightweight ug sayon ​​instalar artipisyal nga kawayan hinabol matting alang sa resort hotel dekorasyon
Artipisyal nga hinabol kisame higdaanan alang sa mga bungbong ug kisame dekorasyon
Artipisyal o Natural wicker Koral Paligira ang alang sa gawas Fencing
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