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Beatles are one of leading companies for synthetic thatch, synthetic ceiling mat, synthetic bamboo, artificial fiber fence, etc in China. They are 100% simulation by synthetic resin. Some of them can be fireproof and waterproof. We always develop new models according to our customers’ requirements. Compared the regular market’s quality standard, our products’ quality performance is more stable, as we have more precise resin ratio, more sufficient time for resin mixing, using genuine resin material and additives, so our product would have avoid quality problem, like color fade, fragile, short lifespan, not stable fireproof performance, etc. Welcome your inquiry to us. 

Featured Products

Synthetic Palm Thatch Roof Tile for landscape
Manufacturers nke ire ọkụ Retardant abụ ụlọ akịrịka maka ntụrụndụ Parks Ịchọ Mma
Pụrụ ịdabere Quality fireproof Ru Thatch ụlọ maka mara mma agbaga ebe
Ugboro abụọ chere ihu plastic eyi ngere maka eme hotel jakị mma
Inogide artficial eriri ngere maka hotel ime ụlọ echetakwa na n'èzí fencing
Sịntetik Ru Thatch Reed roofing Beach Mbara ihu obi Umbrella
Ru achara ruo gị ubi fencing, ụlọ ogwe, screening oru ngo
Ewu gị vasatail eme hotel oru ngo zuru ezu na ọkara gburugburu adịgboroja achara ruo
Sịntetik achara ókè gbaa n'onu si China maka fencing
Fechaa na mfe echichi sịntetik achara kpara matting maka eme hotel mma
Sịntetik kpara n'uko ute mgbidi na n'uko mma
Sịntetik ma ọ bụ Natural wicker ngere Roll maka N'èzí fencing
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