Factory supplied Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing – Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile

Factory supplied
 Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing – Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile
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Factory supplied Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing – Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile Detail:

Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing

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1. Product Description for Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

Beautiful, affordable and authentic.
Artificial thatch is one of our main products.
Simulated natural thatch that looks like real.
Resist humidity and decay.
Not toxic (eco-friendly and not harm health)
Birds, rodents and worms can’t eat it (no disgusting infestations!)
No additional maintenance costs!

2. Parameters of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

Material: High density PE
Size: 500x450mm
8 Pieces cover 1 square meter of roof
10-15 years lifespan
UV proof
Regular carbon Size: 40x50x60cm
Carbon quantity: 50 pieces

3. Accessories of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

Ridge Tile could be made by customers.

4. Application of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

Landscape, scenic spot, parks, zoos, amusement parks, resorts, vacational village, folk culture village, hotels, villas, beach, swimming pool, leisure supermarket, barbecue bar, farm, garden and other places.

5. Installation instruction of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

Artificial thatchs can be nailed, stapled or screwed directly to wood battens, steel wire mesh, plywood or as part of a complete roofing system depending on waterproofing and aesthetic preferences.

6. Installation tools of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

1) Nail or Screw;
2) Nail Gun

7. Delivery, Shipping, Incoterms, Payment terms and Sample policy of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

1) Delivery: 10-30 days after received payment. Depends on the quantity.
2) Shipment by courier or sea freight
3) Incoterms: FOB, CIF, DDU or DDP. Some countries could not apply DDU and DDP.
4) Payment terms: T/T, Western Union or Paypal (6% extra charge would be paid by buyer)
5) Sample policy: free samples, courier charge to be paid by buyers.

8. Company’s introduction of Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing:

Xiamen Beatles Building Material Co.,Ltd, we are one of leading companies for synthetic thatch, synthetic bamboo, artificial fence, artificial bark, etc in China. They are 100% simulation. Some of them can be fireproof and waterproof. We always develop new models according to our customers’ requirements. Our main market is in China, but we are going to open the overseas market in recent years. We also trade in outdoor WPC wall panel and flooring, polyester wool, steel wire mesh, etc. Welcome your inquiry to us.


Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing

Product detail pictures:

Factory supplied
 Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing – Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile detail pictures

Factory supplied Bali Thatch Umbrella Roofing – Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: , , ,

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