Definition and Application of Synthetic Thatch Roofing In Your Home and Garden

Definition and Application of Synthetic Thatch Roofing In Your Home and Garden

Writer: Jennifer Dawson

Using Synthetic Thatch In Your Home And Garden 

Synthetic thatching is becoming a widely popular choice among many resorts, tourist attractions and community projects worldwide. The benefits of synthetic thatch far outweigh those of natural thatch, and the results are aesthetically pleasing and visually identical to the real version. Thanks to the larger scale production of these products, it is now possible to recreate this desired look at home.

Application of Synthetic Thatch Roofing In Your Home and Garden

What is synthetic thatch roofing?

Synthetic thatching is an innovative alternative for those seeking natural looking thatch, with added benefits. Although beautiful, natural thatch can be inherently problematic; it is susceptible to weather damage, and can require frequent, expensive maintenance and care. With a synthetic alternative, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a natural thatch, without any of the negatives.  Production material varies across different varieties, quality and aesthetic of the tiles, although a simple rule to remember is that the thinner the tiles, the cheaper and lower quality they will be. Because of demand, there is a great variety in styles and finishes when considering artificial thatch. If you are considering tiles, they are easier to use. 

Definition of Synthetic Thatch Roofing In Your Home and Garden

How to use synthetic thatch around your home

Synthetic thatch tiles are durable and versatile, and can be used in both your home and garden. Artificial thatch tiles look stunning on a completed roof, and as a project you could even do it yourself with the right tools. If the thought of redoing an entire roof seems like a project that is a bit too large, you could consider a synthetic alternative to fencing in your garden. If your BBQ area or pool house requires shelter, synthetic umbrellas offer an ideal solution because they look authentic yet require minimal maintenance. As they are beneficial to the environment, they will be a welcome alternative to plastic umbrellas to keep your pool an eco-friendly environment.

What are the benefits?

Synthetic thatch is easy to install, and is low cost when compared to natural thatch. You will spend less money in the long run as it requires less maintenance and is easier and cheaper to repair. Synthetic tiles are more durable and last longer than natural thatch, requiring less replacement.

Because of the way it is manufactured, artificial thatch is weather resistant, meaning that it won’t fade in color and is not susceptible to mold, rot or decay. They are free of bacteria and do not cause allergies, making it a healthier option for your family. One of the biggest dangers of natural thatch is that it is more likely to catch fire, and the results are very destructive. Synthetic thatch is fire retardant, making it a safe installation in your family home.

Compared to natural thatch, synthetic thatch is eco-friendly, as it doesn’t require natural resources, and the materials use are more sustainable Another benefit to choosing artificial thatch is that the result is simply beautiful. You home or garden will look more natural and create a harmony between your home and nature.

Post time: Jun-28-2018
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