Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing for Gazebo and Tiki Umbrella in Panama beach

Artificial palm thatch roofing tiles are perfect for decorating the seaside landscape places for making tropical atmosphere. Villa, resort hotels, beach entertainment companies always use this material to bring natural feelings to visitors and clients and make them feel totally relaxed. 

Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing for Gazebo in Panama beach

For Middle and South America, palm tree thatch leaves tiles are popular there, countries like Colombia, Panama, Mexico, always build projects to use this element to make the garden look beautiful. 

Plastic palm thatch tiki umbrellas for Panama

Area: about 450 square meters, include: 

- one square bohio of 20x4m
- two round hohio of 5m in diameter
- ten round bohio of 3.5 m of diameter

Location: Beach in Panama

Structures: Gazebos, Tiki Umbrellas, Pergola

Products: Synthetic Palm Thatch Roof Tile

Accessories: Hip Valley, Ridge and Round Top cap Palm Thatch Roofing Tiles

Artificial palm thatch roofing materials for tiki umbrella in Middle and South America

Post time: Feb-01-2018
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