Nagu saabsan

Beatles are one of leading companies for synthetic thatch, synthetic ceiling mat, synthetic bamboo, artificial fiber fence, etc in China. They are 100% simulation by synthetic resin. Some of them can be fireproof and waterproof. We always develop new models according to our customers’ requirements. Compared the regular market’s quality standard, our products’ quality performance is more stable, as we have more precise resin ratio, more sufficient time for resin mixing, using genuine resin material and additives, so our product would have avoid quality problem, like color fade, fragile, short lifespan, not stable fireproof performance, etc. Welcome your inquiry to us. 

Products Featured

Synthetic Palm Thatch Roof Tile for landscape
Soo-saareyaasha Abuulahab, Retardant Thatched uu saqafku for dheeldheel Parks Qurxinta
Sidad Tayada lagu kalsoonaan karo Artificial Thatch uu saqafku for Spot muuqaal dabiici ah
Double wajahaya xayndaabka PP caag for hotel miciinka decoration deyrka
bowd raagaya fiber artficial for hotel baaritaanka gudaha iyo dibadda dayrka
Dardaro Artificial Thatch Reed saqafka Beach balakon Hut Dallada
ulaha baasaboorka Artificial waayo dayrka beerta, darfaha saqafka, mashruuc aad baarista
Dhisida mashruuca oo isu hotel miciinka aad la wareega buuxa iyo badh ulaha baasaboorka been abuur ah
Dardaro baasaboorka Border qarka ka China, waayo dayrka
baasaboorka dardaro rakibo rooga miisaanka yar oo si sahlan-xidhkii decoration hotel miciinka
Dardaro-xidhkii derin saqafka derbiyo iyo decoration saqafka
Dardaro ama Wicker Dabiiciga Roll xayndaabka for dibada dayrka
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